Your Name

I wrote your name on the sand
But the waves washed it away
I wrote your name on the clouds
But the winds blew it away
I tried to find a place
Looked for it night and day
A place where it will always stay
That place was my heart
I hope you won’t tear this apart
I wrote your name in my heart
I hope we’ll never part

Til Next Time

Til next time my dear

Hopefully when things are clear

When i finally got rid of my fear

I wish you’d be near


Til next time my love

My god sent gift from above

I’ll let you fly like a dove

You’re the only thing i ever wished to have


Til next time my boo

I wish what we had was true

When you told me “i love you”

I should’ve said “i love you too”


Til next time my sweetheart

I did not wish for us to part

I may have pushed you like a cart

Bear in mind you’ll always be in my heart




I really thought it was you

But it was too good to be true

I gave you my all

Though at first i was afraid to fall

For the months we spent together

What i felt for you grew deeper and deeper

Yet everytime you say “i love you”

I say “No, that’s just infatuation for you”

You can’t blame me for my decisions

For your words don’t coincide with your actions

I really thought this was my second shot on love

My prayers answered from up above

But then things then took a turn

Now i guess you’re just another picture to burn

Burn to dust it’s such a shame

For my heart still calls for your name

Baby don’t worry I’ll be fine

Cause i know from the start you weren’t mine

I kept an open mind that this day shall come

And my heart rumbles like the beat o the drum

Maybe now’s just not our time

For our words don’t seem to rhyme

Or maybe you’re just not meant for me

Let’s leave it all to destiny

I hope someday when i’m completely gone

You would say

“How could i let her go?

She was the one.”

Memoirs of You

I will always remember the summer i fell in love 

All the weeks were full of life

And the flowers are  fully bloomed

I will always remember the warmness in your eyes 

The smile that lights up my world

The empty nights wondering if you’re deep asleep

Wondering what love really is

All those hours of sleepless nights fighting over silly things

But the best thing after that are the forehead kisses and hugs 

Like nothing ever happened

I will never understand what it is inside the both of us

That makes us fight so hard with our prides that it hurt so much

Love is a bittersweet pain

A constant reminder, a constant sadness

A curse we’re all blessed with

It’s beautiful and ugly

And love is a music played in a silent night

It’s the first thought in the morning

What it is that motivates us to keep going

It’s the same force that keeps us wishing we were somewhere in the past

What’s funny is it’s the little things you remember

How perfect your fingers fit between theirs

The silly jokes and the goofy laugh

The late night drives and talks under the stars

It’s funny that there are a few billion people in this world

And i’m stuck here with you

I love being wrapped in your arms like burrito

I love that there is no place else in the universe that i’d belong

Like i belong in there

And i find strength with the thought that you love me too

That our hearts are connecting

I like to thing that there’s a place where all our plans and promises

Are growing and alive

Your voice is the lullaby that helps me fall asleep

You will always be my summer

You will always be my love


I’m bitter, you’re sweet
Heck you make my heart skip a beat
Med students call it premature ventricular contractions
Teens call it “kilig”
Some call it infatuation
I know nothing ’bout this shit

I’m in, you’re out
We keep on taking different routes
I’m right, you’re left
I should file you a case on theft
You stole my heart you weird little human
Don’t laugh i’m writing this the most creative way i can

I hate it when you’re being bubbly
You hate it when i’m too chatty
I hate it when you just stare
I feel like you don’t even care
This thing we have it’s different than the others
Sometimes we’re friends, Often times we’re lovers

Push and pull is what we do
Hot and cold either me or you
Naughty and nice depends on the mood
Whatever works as long as we’re good

My Favorite Summer Mistake

It was one summer

A fine day i remember

You rode on your bike as you circled

It caught my attention yet i never mingled

It was a cold summer night 

when we first talked

A starry summer night 

i stared up as i walked

We drove in a car and toured around town 

The first time i smiled and didn’t frown

There’s something about you

Said the back of my mind

I’m curious, no, interested

Of what i might find

So we chatted, texted

Hung out almost everyday

And slowly i felt the pain inside me 

going away

It was fun, you and me

Talking and laughing, this might be destiny

For months on end we stayed like that

Sometimes we fight like mouse and cat

Little did i know i was already falling

For someone i’m not even sure of whether he’s playing

It went on and on

Then obstacles came

You hurt me bigtime

But i was to blame

It wasn’t anybody’s fault but mine

For i believed in things and started to whine


I was so mad

That we got into a fight

It was so bad 

Then you were out of sight

We haven’t said our hellos 

for like a week

For i said my goodbye 

yet my heart started to seek

Unexpectedly you came to me

I didn’t want you to beg and plea

You said no word and hugged me tight

I knew it was wrong but it felt so right

God, i missed you where have you been?

But i was mad and uttered words i didn’t mean

Then i noticed actions of drunkness

And those sweet chinky eyes was full of sadness

Then and there i knew you were sorry

Then and there i started to worry

Then and there i knew i forgive you 

Then and there i realized i love you