My Favorite Summer Mistake

It was one summer

A fine day i remember

You rode on your bike as you circled

It caught my attention yet i never mingled

It was a cold summer night 

when we first talked

A starry summer night 

i stared up as i walked

We drove in a car and toured around town 

The first time i smiled and didn’t frown

There’s something about you

Said the back of my mind

I’m curious, no, interested

Of what i might find

So we chatted, texted

Hung out almost everyday

And slowly i felt the pain inside me 

going away

It was fun, you and me

Talking and laughing, this might be destiny

For months on end we stayed like that

Sometimes we fight like mouse and cat

Little did i know i was already falling

For someone i’m not even sure of whether he’s playing

It went on and on

Then obstacles came

You hurt me bigtime

But i was to blame

It wasn’t anybody’s fault but mine

For i believed in things and started to whine


I was so mad

That we got into a fight

It was so bad 

Then you were out of sight

We haven’t said our hellos 

for like a week

For i said my goodbye 

yet my heart started to seek

Unexpectedly you came to me

I didn’t want you to beg and plea

You said no word and hugged me tight

I knew it was wrong but it felt so right

God, i missed you where have you been?

But i was mad and uttered words i didn’t mean

Then i noticed actions of drunkness

And those sweet chinky eyes was full of sadness

Then and there i knew you were sorry

Then and there i started to worry

Then and there i knew i forgive you 

Then and there i realized i love you


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